Providing accurate and comprehensive tool and equipment management during major projects and site overhauls.

Every item in our rental fleet has a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag attached which identifies the unique fleet number of each particular item. An electronic RFID reader records the movement of these assets and linked with our rental software provides real-time information including its location as well as values, rental history and service records.

This technology provides immeasurable benefits to the client, particularly when used on site for large-volume rental requirement during major projects or site overhauls.

Not only does it speed-up the process of booking equipment in and out, the system also has the ability to link to specific users using their personal ID badge or standard site pass, allowing more control of equipment and a reduction in loss/damages through visibility and individual ‘ownership’.

Furthermore, because the system accurately records movement in real-time, this provides the basis for a more flexible, tailored invoicing arrangement to suit the client needs.